Gopal Raman

Gopal Raman



About Me

I grew up in Dallas, but I live out in California now. I’m a sophomore at Stanford, and I’ve always been curious about words and what they mean. That’s why I turned to poetry—to create and to think about what’s around. Here, I hope you take a look at my words and get a sense for who I am. Reach out and be in touch.

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A passionate life

  • Ages 0-4

    • My love for cars consumed my world, and little else ever went through my mind. The first word I learned was Mustang, after the car.

  • Ages 4-12

    • Legos, legos, legos. I was building non-stop, and the idea of creating things became a central part of my identity.

  • Ages 12-16

    • Discovering photography allowed me to see myself as an artist—first with pixels, soon with words.

  • Ages 16-present

    • Poetry has only grown in importance, and it has melded with other passions like design to take many forms.