Stanford Social Entrepreneurial Students' Association. Here, I lead the Fellowships team with Angelo (third from left). We work with companies in the social-e sector to offer other students summer opportunities and internships.


collaborative poetry

Chasity Hale and I wrote this poem and film together focused around the theme of "Where My Dreaming and my Loving Live," an excerpt from Tracy K. Smith's poem "Flores Woman." We crafted our own verses and then worked to carefully blend them together and create a soft, whispering dialogue between the voices.

For the video, we drove to the beautiful Gray Whale Cove in Half Moon Bay, where we watched the sun dip below the waves and listened to the seafoam sing to the rocky shore.

mint magazine


Here, I work with an awesome team of designers, photographers, models, and writers to put together Stanford's fashion and culture magazine.



East Palo Tennis and Tutoring students from East Palo Alto by providing additional educational and athletic opportunities. I've worked here as a tutor ever since I started college, and I actually found out about the program through my cousin, who worked for EPATT many, many years ago.